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Aafreen – Rose Oil Elixir

Roses! They incite an enigmatic mix of emotions. Roses have always been a symbol of love and affection, of beauty and exotica, of peace and calm.

Garden cultivation of roses began some 5,000 years ago, and since then, roses have captured the imagination of many. Persia has had a long association with the best varieties of roses.

Tended, plucked, and purely distilled – our rose oil comes from the finest gardens of Kashan, Iran. Open our bottle of this purest form of elixir, and you’ll be in Persia, walking the delightful oasis town of Kashan.

Our Afreen – Rose Elixir is a blend of pure Mohammedi rose oil and white rose oil. Absolutely pure, unadulterated, preservative-free, Afreen is the calming oil for those with sensitive skin to help with their acne and other skin conditions.

Not just that, Afreen Rose Elixir can and, we say, should be used as an attar. The divine aroma will keep you uplifted throughout the day. It is great for your meditative and yoga practice as it opens up your heart chakra.

Afreen has something to offer to everyone. The purest extracts of some of the best roses grown in the old town of Kashna, distilled traditionally.

Do give our bottle of rose potion a try. DM us for enquiries or orders.

This is a one of the posts on a long series we will be doing on Afreen Rose Elixir. Do watch this space to keep up with our exotic Persian apothecary.

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