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Taaseer is an expression of our family’s desire to see the world made better and heal people. Decades ago, in 1950, Ishrat, our grandmother migrated from her homeland in Kabul, Afghanistan, to India where she made her nest in a small village in India. She was – an intuitive genius at concocting traditional home remedies for skin, hair, and wellbeing – moved along with her as did several other members of our Yousufzai clan. No one could have predicted that, half a century later, we of the youngest generation would once again revive our grandma’s traditional Persian and Afghani home remedies and build a wellness brand out of it.

Persian Traditional Wellness Care

Taaseer, is made with Innayat and Khuloos, which means ‘grace’ and ‘hearty’. These formulae were well-kept secrets for the past many generations in our family.

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Many of Afghan Taaseer’s ingredients are inspired by Persian roots. The idea behind Taaseer came from the mixture of smells and flavors inspired bright plant-based infusions in the new line with products featuring natural Zafran, commonly known as Saffron, Rose, Rock bed minerals, and other Natural and herbal inspired pairings. What resulted was a combination of kitchen and science, and ancient to cutting edge.

We at Afghan Taaseer want to embody the diversity of people with their new line. We are wellness care and daily essentials line inspired by my Persian grandparents, but it’s more than just about being another brand. It’s really an immigrant story, an underdog story about celebrating your history — whether you come from Mexico or the Midwest.

“It’s about celebrating your story and pushing past boundaries, hardships, borders, or stereotypes.”

“We tried to create a line that marries ancient Unani Persian tradition using natural herbs with modern science. We really wanted to incorporate grade-A ingredients but make sure to also create a product that works really well and people get benefited.

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