Best Hair Growth Oil | Top 5 common hair problems

Top Best Hair Growth Oil

Top Best Hair Growth Oil

Want to get healthy, shiny, long, and perfect hair like rapunzel?

Of Course, everyone wants to have strong, long, and shiny hair.

Have you ever worried about why these new generations are facing lots of hair problems like hair fall, weak hair growth, premature hair greying, split ends, damaged and dull hair?

I guess you haven’t thought about it, and it’s understandable because in this busy lifestyle, where will you find time to think about hair problems, isn’t it?

Today in this article we will discuss a lot of things about hair like 

  • Top 5 hair problems that are so common that every second girl is facing this problem.
  • What are the reasons for these hair problems?
  • How can you get rid of those problems?
  • Best hair growth oil to get rid of all hair problems and many more you’ll get to know in this article. 

Top 5 common hair problems:

  1. Hair fall.
  2. Hair thinning and poor hair growth.
  3. Damaged and dull hair. 
  4. Premature greying.
  5. Split ends.
  1. Hair fall 

Hair fall is one of the most common among hair problems. 

Hair shedding is a part of everyone’s life, but when hair starts falling too much, and new hair isn’t growing back, then it becomes a cause of concern. 

Many people don’t even realize that they have hair fall. They failed to differentiate between hair fall and normal hair shedding.

Finding hair on your hairbrush is considered normal hair shedding, but when you notice hair everywhere such as on towels, on the pillow, everywhere on the floor, or hair falls even while stroking it with hands, it’s not normal. It’s hair fall. 

Why does hair fall?

Many factors can cause hair to fall. It can be due to genetic reasons or something else. 

Let’s find out some common causes of hair fall.

Causes of hair fall

  • Stress.
  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Thyroid disorder.
  • On medications.
  • Deficiency of vitamins and iron.

Stress can lead to hair fall because excess stress increases the level of androgen (male hormone) in the body. Stress can trigger other issues like anxiety, changes in eating habits, which can have a harmful impact on your hair. Hair loss is stressful in itself. 

A woman may suffer from hair fall or hair loss after pregnancy or following childbirth because during pregnancy, and after pregnancy, many hormonal changes occur in women. Menopause can also be the reason. 

Thyroid disorder is another main reason that causes hair to fall. It’s a hormone imbalance disorder in the body.

There are two types of thyroid conditions-

Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. 

Hyperthyroidism refers to excess production of thyroid hormones, while hypothyroidism refers to less production of thyroid hormones. Both conditions can cause hair loss.  

Some medicines also cause hair fall, such as antifungal medicines, antidepressants, birth control pills, thyroid medications, etc. 

Iron deficiency and lack of vitamin D in the body affects the hair the most and causes hair loss. Once the deficiency of vitamins and iron is fulfilled in the body, the problem will also be cured.

  • Hair thinning and poor hair growth

Every girl wishes to have long, thick, shiny, beautiful hair, but sadly what they get is thin, dull, damaged, and brittle hair. 

Hair thinning causes more hair breakage.  This hair problem is pretty common in both men and women. 

Why does hair get thin and what leads to poor hair growth?

Many causes can lead to poor and thin hair growth. Some of the underlying causes can be fixed and some not. Let’s find out.

Causes of poor hair growth

Here is the list of some common causes of poor hair growth and hair thinning:-

  • Vitamin deficiency.
  • Genetic problem.
  • Poor scalp.
  • Age factor.
  • Medication.
  • Unhealthy diet. 
  • Medical conditions, such as thyroid disorder.

Lack of vitamins can lead to hair loss, especially deficiency of vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a vital role in the formation of new hair follicles, and new hair follicles help to maintain the thickness of hair. 

Weak scalp leads to poor hair growth because, for proper hair growth, the scalp and hair need enough nutrients to grow.

Skin diseases like dermatitis, seborrheic eczema can make your scalp flaky and rough. 

If you manage to maintain a proper scalp, it can lead to proper hair growth. 

Few medications can affect your hair and can cause hair fall, hair thinning, poor hair growth like issues. Medicines of steroids, cholesterol, acne treatment, thyroid, gout medications, and many more can lead to hair problems.  Even mild medication can also cause hair problems if taken for prolonged periods.

Unhealthy diets cause hair growth problems. A proper, balanced, healthy diet is required to maintain hair follicles and the creation of new hair strands. 

  • Eating a healthy diet can also get rid of other hair problems such as brittle hair.
  • Dry hair.
  • Dryness and
  • dandruff.

Genetic problems and age factors can also lead to hair thinning and poor hair growth. In this factor, we are helpless, and we can’t do anything. 

  • Damaged and dull hair 

Damaged and dull hair is very common nowadays. Faded and dull hair is caused when chemical or excess heat attacks the outer protective layer of your hair. 

 Brittle and damaged hair makes hair more prone to breakage and hair fall.

Why does hair get damaged and dull?

Damaged and dull hair can happen due to a variety of reasons. It can be due to hair styling or using chemical hair products or anything else. 

Here are some common causes of dull and damaged hair:

Causes of dull and damaged hair

  • Heating hair styling appliances.
  • Chemical contained hair products.
  • Lack of moisture in the scalp and hair.
  • Towel drying. 
  • Polluted environment. 

To some extent, we are responsible for dull and damaged hair. 

One of the most prominent reasons for hair falling out is due to the application of excessive hot styling appliances such as hairdryer, curler, straightener. 

These hot hair styling appliances can make your hair dry and look good for a short time, but it causes long term damage to your hair.  

Using this stylish heating hair tool weakens the hair and raises the chances of hair breakage more. 

Using chemical contained hair products makes hair dull and damaged. Chemicals like sodium chloride, parabens, ammonium lauryl sulphate, PEG, DEA, formaldehyde, etc. are harmful to hair, and these chemicals are used in many hair products. These kinds of products make your hair lifeless. 

The absence of moisture in the scalp also leads to dull and lifeless hair.

Lack of oiling and the use of excessive heating hair styling appliances makes hair dry and damaged. Lack of moisture on the scalp can also cause flaky or itchy scalp.

Towel drying is one of the most common mistakes that most people make.  Rubbing wet hair harshly with a dry towel can make your hair damaged, and harshly rubbing hair makes hair more frizzy and cause more breakage. Wet hair breaks more easily as compared to dry hair.

Environmental pollution is also responsible for our dull and damaged hair. Pollutants and other dust particles present in the air may reduce the protein level in the scalp and make the hair weak and slow hair growth.

  • Premature hair greying

Hair greying is natural and acceptable when you get old, but when your hair starts greying prematurely, it becomes a cause of concern. 

In this modern era, premature hair greying has become very common that even teenagers have grey hair. 

Why does hair greying prematurely?

Hair follicles have pigment cells called melanin. Melanin provides our hair colour, but when due to some reasons, follicles lose its pigment, it leads to premature hair greying. 

A variety of reasons are responsible for hair greying before age, here are some common reasons:-

Causes of premature grey hair

  • Genetics.
  • Autoimmune disease.
  • Thyroid disorder.
  • Smoking. 
  • Stress.
  • Chemical hair dyes.

If you notice white hair at an early age, it is probably because of your genetics. If your parents or grandparents had white hair at an early age, then there are chances that you also may suffer from premature grey hair. 

Autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto thyroiditis, Sjogren syndrome, etc. can cause premature white hair. In this disease, the body’s immune system starts attacking its cells. 

Thyroid disorder is also a common cause of premature whitening of hair. The thyroid can cause your body to produce less melanin. 

Smoking can cause premature white hair. Toxins in cigarettes damage your lungs and also can damage your hair follicles, which leads to white hair.

Chemical hair dyes or hair products contain harmful chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, etc., which can cause white hair because toxic chemicals decrease the level of melanin.

  • Split ends 

Split ends refer to splitting of the hair shaft and hair looks dry and brittle.  Split ends mostly occur in long hair.

Why do split ends occur?

Excess use of heating hair styling appliances, chemical contained hair products, or bleaching on hair causes split ends. Once split ends occur, nothing can cure it, and you need to cut off the ends and take care of your hair’s health. 

Here are some common causes of split ends:

Causes of split ends

  • Hair colouring.
  • Hair treatment. 
  • Heat styling. 

Splitting ends can be caused due to repeated hair colouring, and hair colouring also makes your hair damaged. Split ends restrict hair growth.

Hair treatment may make your hair look straight and beautiful, but they damage your hair. Hair treatment uses some chemicals that can lead to split ends.

Stop using hair styling appliances frequently. The high heat of hair appliances can burn hair, and it weakens the hair more, and it leads to hair breakage. 

To avoid hair problems, one should take care of their hair. Oiling should be done twice a week. Oiling is beneficial to avoid or to prevent hair problems. Oiling gives numerous benefits. 

Benefits of oiling:

  • Nourish hair and its roots.
  • Keep the scalp moisturized.
  • Hydrates hair.
  • It improves hair growth.
  • Prevent dandruff.
  • Prevent antifungal infections.
  • Revive lifeless hair.
  • Strengthens hair follicles.
  • Prevent split ends.
  • Reduce hair fall.
  • Prevent premature hair greying.

Hair oiling is very much needed to maintain healthy and good hair.

Chemicals containing hair products should be avoided. 

Best hair growth oil:

Taaseer has brought the best hair growth oil. Moajaza hair growth oil is a natural hair medicine in the form of oil which provides shine to hair and revives your dull, damaged lifeless hair. This one oil can solve ten and more hair problems.

The best hair growth oil ‘Moajaza’ is a mixture of nature’s goodness. It doesn’t contain any chemicals. 

This oil contains 47 unique herbs and 12 essential oils. 

Benefits of Moajaza hair oil:

  • Overcome hair fall.
  • Cures hair fall
  • It Promotes new hair growth. 
  • Cures dandruff and prevents it from coming back.
  • Make your dry and dull hair nourished.
  • It heals the itchy scalp.
  • Make your hair straight, soft, and coloured.
  • Give a rebound look to your hair.
  • Cures split ends.
  • Gives frizz-free hair.
  • It also boosts hair volume.
  • Bring back the natural shine of hair.
  • Give relief from itchy scalp.

This oil is proven to be the best hair care product that gives long, shiny, thick, nourished hair. The oil also helps to cure headaches. 

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