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Noor Exclusive Persian Skin Regime:

The moon in her chariot of pearl – Oscar Wilde, The Nightingale and The Rose

Let the light within you shine bright. Noor is illumination. Noor is enlightenment. Noor is the light.

Taaseer is whole heartedly committed to Persian beauty rituals. We believe in age old traditions and riwaayat to awaken beauty and well-being. Every single tradition is deeply rooted in thoughtful practices which will nourish one’s soul.

From the enigmatic lands of Persia, we bring jars of precious powder for you. This powder, Noor, is the only exfoliant you will need. Minerals unearthed from the ancient lands and riverbeds, blended with vegetable fats, result in a velvety powder.

This pure extract cleanses your skin deeply – nourishing it and making it healthier. You will glow. That radiance will be a part of you as you indulge in this traditional ritual weekly. Let that fresh, soft, gorgeous pearl-like healthy radiance embody you.

What is Noor? What is this secret from Persia?

To begin with, this is not a marketing gimmick. Taaseer does not do that. We are here to serve you the most traditional rituals, handed down over the generations.

Noor is more than your standard

beauty ritual. It will elevate your cleansing and exfoliation routine. This age-old traditional practice will get rid of all that build-up and dead skin, and reveal a fresh, radiant and soft glow. When you see that dead skin sloughing off, you’ll be deeply satisfied (and a bit petrified).

Noor is a careful composition of minerals and vegetables fats, and one of the best kept Persian secrets. After painstaking efforts, we finally have launched Noor in India.

Once you use this beautiful, velvety powder, you will never go back to the apricot, sugar, salt or any other scrub.

And once you’ve rejuvenated your skin, you’ll need some extra love. Taaseer truly cares for you, and we will be giving away Uns – a heavenly concoction of unrefined, cold-processed, highly nourishing oils – to dab onto your skin and lock in the goodness.

This complimentary offer is available for the early birds. So, what are you waiting for? DM us to grab your Noor today.

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