Rabt Tooth Powder - Buy Best Rabat Unani Tooth Powder Online In India At Best Prices
Rabt Tooth Powder

Rabt Tooth Powder


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The unique quotient:

Persian tooth whitening and tooth sensitivity cure

  • Gives tooth shine and whitening
  • Cures tooth sensitivity problems
  • Cures tooth pain
  • It removes plaque and gives you the refreshing mouth odor for hours.
  • It removes stains of tobacco, liquor, tea etc
  • It brings your lips to their natural color.
  • It cures gum sensitivity
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Rabt Tooth Powder

Rabt Tooth Powder


Walnut Bark, Cardamom, Dried Neem, Mint, Miswaak, and Clove.

How To Use:

After wetting your brush sprinkle some tooth powder and apply some paste so that it can enter the corners properly. Massage it softly on your gums and lips as well. This natural tooth powder will bring back the original natural color of your teeth as well as of your darkened lips. You are advised to use it twice daily. There will be a slight yellowish/orangish tint on the teeth and gums, which will fade of in 2-40 seconds due to the presence of walnut bark which has natural hydrogen peroxide in it.

 Available Variants:

  • 70 Grams


Afghan Taaseer brings Rabt tooth powder having a comfortable amount of Walnut bark when retained with the mouth closed for about 3 minutes, and then gargled. It is a simple rejuvenating Unani tooth powder used for cleaning treatment, which, when done routinely, enhances the senses, maintains clarity, brings about a feeling of oral freshness, and invigorates the mind. This Unani tooth care powder is for oral cleansing techniques can also benefit bad breath, dark lips, loss of taste, sore throat, and all kapha related imbalances. This Unani tooth cleaning powder is now available in India.

Rabt tooth powder is a blend of 6 sun-dried 100% naturally available herbs to prepare this afghani tooth powder and it’s also available to buy best tooth powder Online in India at Best Prices.

In Kabul and Iran, the well-known Walnut bark, (the bark of a tree) is considered a general rebuilder of oral health and has natural hydrogen peroxide for the whitening of teeth.  This Unani tooth powder also helps in tooth whitening and removing plaque and other beverage stains. This best afghani tooth powder has herbs such as neem, clove and mint also support the healing and development of connective tissue when taken internally also benefit the gums.

Rabt is an Unani tooth cleaning powder that has only natural herbal and traditional they are safe or carry no risk for harm and is you cab buy best tooth powder online.  If you can integrate traditional medicine into your daily life to protect and heal yourselves in a safe natural way then you can buy the best Unani tooth powder and make it a part of your daily essentials.  We at Afghan Taaseer ensure the use of safe, quality products and practices with the best natural tooth powder.

Publicity of this afghani tooth powder made with traditional Unani Persian techniques using appropriate media would benefit the general population by giving more confidence in the ancient practices, thus preventing tooth decay and loss and making the best natural tooth powder available to everyone.


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