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    Moajaza hair oil is a unique best traditional Persian best herbal hair care product that has made with 47 herbs and 12 base in-house extracted unrefined oils. The sun-dried 100% natural hair care product has herbs used to nourish and moisturize for bouncy and smooth hair. Moajaza hair oil is an all-natural hair product prepared in an age-old traditional Unani method.

    Adored in Persian poetry and art, Rose, and Zafran is traditionally used to make herbal hair care products have been long used to make hair smooth, strong, and shiny. Using modern technology, this herbal hair care products ingredients are combined and packed to buy natural herbal hair care products online in a much more convenient way here in India.

    Afghan Taaseer’s Moajaza hair oil is an all-natural hair products to give a potent boost to hair longevity. This special Persian 100% all-natural hair care products give shine, detangles, defrizzes, seals ends, nourishes, and is also a heat protectant.

    We at Taaseer do not use sulphates, parabens, synthetic herbs, and oils to prepare this 100% natural hair care product oil. It's 100% cruelty-free and only uses naturally available sun-dried herbs from Kabul, Iran, and India. For the same reason, the availability of oil production is purely dependent on the ingredients harvest and climatic conditions. This best herbal hair care product is also available in our store based out of New Delhi, India.

    Moajaza hair oil works for relieving stress, headache, and anxiety. It works well on damp, dry, and colored hair. Our all-natural hair products can be used before and after styling or as an overnight treatment. During winters, the oil gets coagulated to storing products in direct sunlight is recommended due to the presence of virgin coconut oil and home-made desi ghee. Consult us today to buy natural herbal hair care products online.

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